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$122 everything included

Sunday 22nd September 2019
12pm ~ 4pm 

No matter how small or large or even non-existent your garden or space may be, Cheralyn will show you how to create a useful magickal garden of herbs, flowers and plants that can be used for culinary, medicinal and magickal purposes.

Spend a lovely Spring afternoon at the divine Eden Gardens in Lane Cover Sydney. Our classrooms is a beautiful private glass atrium within the gardens where we will explore how to create gardens of magickal usefulness (Outlander style!)

A collection of pots in a well thought out and cared for position will yield just as much joy as a large garden. Cheralyn will share with you plans, tips and inspirations to get you started, to revive projects and to build on what you may already be growing.

No experience is needed.

We will also be creating a few

useful lotions, potions and tonics to take home.

Your afternoon includes:
* a walk through Eden Gardens with Q & A
* Planning a single pot plant to planning a large garden
* Selection and preparation of the garden beds  and pots
* Gardening tools

* Directional correspondences
* Introduction to wildcrafting
* Eco-friendly & aware
* Keeping a garden journal
* Communicating with your land
* Plant Safety
* Moon gardening
* Propagation & seeds
* The Language of Flowers and Plants
* Plant Correspondences
* Harvesting and preservation
* Bringing the Garden Inside
* Creating eco-systems and micro Climates
* Stones and other magickal elements
* Creating a Garden Altar
* Lotions, Potions & Tonics 

you will take home:
* a workbook full of plans, recipes and information
* a beautiful garden journal
* a collection of bee-friendly seeds
* a magickal herb plant

*a set of Magickal Botanicals that you create in class

you need to bring: 

‚Äč* nothing