*Learn to Read Flowers for personal interest
*You could create a Flower Reading Practice
*Easily add Flora Reading to existing modalities
​ & interests you already enjoy

This is my most extensive course on Flower Reading I've ever presented and it is crafted from my 30 plus years of researching Botanical History, Ethnobotany, Flower & Plant Healing modalities and the rich vast history of Flower & Plant Reading across time, cultures and places. 
Flora Reading and it's usage is something you can bring into your own life so easily. Not only will you create a deeper connection with other Nature based practices but you will find ways to explore and develop your own.
If you have ever wondered what a flower or plant means then you will find this course fascinating I am sure! 
​Come & let's explore together, 

Cheralyn xx 

"Because of her precious work and her rare talent and connection, we need never be without flowers again" Lucy Cavendish

Learn the Language of Flowers

with Cheralyn Darcey

all content ©Cheralyn Darcey 2019


​"I was really impressed and excited to see just how much content was available through the classroom, and we are only up to week three. the course covers everything from the basic botanical understanding of how to recognise various flowers to a very deep instructions on how to form a relationship with flowers building up information on how to connect, identify, understand, describe and read the flowers appearance and associations......" 
Laura Bowen, Australia

"Still doing bits of all lessons and working at my own pace. I still can't believe how much you are sharing with us. This has to be one of the best courses I have ever done!" 
Sylvia, Australia

"Cheralyn, just wanting you to know what a wonderful course this was!..... I would easily recommend your on-line course to anyone who is interested in studying flower readings...."
S Arathi

I took your beautiful online Flower Reading Course last year..... it has had such a hugely positive impact on my life.
​Gill, UK

*self paced you can take as long as you wish
*lessons always available at any time
*full interactive tuition and guidance with
​Cheralyn through forum
*videos, audios, extensive notes, worksheets,
​and lifetime access to private forum
​*free professional listing with Cheralyn's website

*the language of flowers & plants (flora)
*to read flora in all their states
~fresh, growing, images & in card form.
​*better understand the use of flora in modalities such as aromatherapy, flower essences and so on.
*how to select flowers and plants for your home, office or event with real meaning and benefits  for everyone! 
*grow flowers and plants with true personal meaning and healing properties especially for you and your family
*know why you are attracted or challenged by certain plants & flowers and how that information can help you and others. 
*how to create your own personal flower essence 

*to unlock the messages and energies in flora to create readings for yourself & others.
*how to create a Flora Reading practice. 
*to combine other divination & healing modalities with Flora Reading.
*the healing power of Flora for yourself & others. 
* Vibrational Flora Energy applications through mists, oils, fragrances, essences, candles & more.
​*creating & selecting  Flora posies, artwork, textiles and more to enhance your space & for gifts with greater meaning
*bonus lesson ~ create your own deck of flora reading cards in this fun and easy collage class
​*much more in this very in-depth course. 

Cheralyn is the author & artist of the bestselling
​'Flowerpaedia, 1,000 flowers and their meanings', 
'Australian Wildflower Reading Cards' , 'Flower Reading Cards' and the 'Florasphere' range of Botanical Colouring Books, 'Flowers of the Night Oracle', 'The Book of Flower Spells', 'The Book of Herb Spells', 'Flower Petals, blossoming guidance from the garden', 'The Magickal Herb Oracle', 'The Language of Flowers affirmation deck', 'The Book of Flower Faerie Spells', 'The Book of Tree Spells', 'The Witches Wildflower Oracle', 'The Gift of Flowers'.  

The focus of Cheralyn's work is to take us back to relearn the Language of Nature, through her passion for botany, environmental protection, plant based history and mythology, creativity and sharing what she learns through her publications, artworks and teaching.  
​It is her wish that we all become a Blessing to Nature in some way.

Learn The Language of Flowers & Plants

for Guidance, ​Healing & Inspiration