Green Witch Gardening

and how to Create a Home Apothecary

No experience is needed. 
Learn Green Witch Gardening with Cheralyn
is presented in an online classroom

and is yours to keep forever. Work at your own pace with information that is relevant to your garden, indoor or out, anywhere in the world
It features: 
​* Cheralyn's personal online private chat room 

* guiding video lessons from Cheralyn's garden
* inspiring audio meditations
​* downloadable text of all lessons
* beautiful and instructional images
​* helpful worksheets
​* moon planting guides

I am inundated with people wanting to take this course at the moment and asking for it for free. 
My own income has disappeared as well so what I'm doing is offering my courses at very tiny amounts to cover administration only. 

​Although there is no obligation, all I ask is that once the world returns to what we hope is a new normal that you find it in your heart to pay the balance of $90 when you can.  
I'll never pressure you to do it. 
Cheralyn 🌻

Cheralyn's Magical Botanical Garden,

created completely by her, 
​has been featured in international publications for many years

Garden Design with Magick
​You will learn how to plan and design a beautiful garden space (indoors or out) while learning magical correspondences that will empower, protect and boost the energies you will be working with.

​Plant, Grow, Nurture

Lessons to help you start, renovate and get your garden growing with plants you can use for healing, magick and culinary purposes, all grown naturally by you

Create A Home Apothecary
Learn how to best gather and preserve your harvest and where to obtain additional items to create your personal at home Magickal Apothecary