the language of flowers & plants grows here

There is not a single day that goes by without someone asking me how I create my artwork, if I'm teaching creativity again or where they can learn how to draw/paint/create flowers! 

So I've been very busy getting together a wonderful extensive mixed media art online course that includes nearly all the techniques I love and use myself.

I believe being creative nurtures your heart with happiness.
You do not need to be particularly gifted but you may need to 

be creatively brave.
Willing to play, willing to laugh and willing to explore! 

You do not need to be artistically gifted to have a creative heart but you may need to learn how to be 'creatively brave'. I'll show you how and I'm there with you every step of the way. 

​If you are already an experienced creative, you will find lots of flower-filled art techniques and ideas that you can experiment with and combine your own creative magick! 

to secure your place book now: 
$130 AUD


coming shortly but includes very easily available reasonably prices materials with lots of household items and recycled treasures! 

What you can start collecting right now is: 
*any colourful magazines (gardening ones too!)
*old gift wrap & cards
*old toothbrushes 
​*broken jewellery
*pre-loved clothing or textiles (just a little, we are  
​   looking for dollies, lace, interesting fabrics)  
*ribbons (just a little) 
*an old gardening or botany book (optional)
​*2 x large food tins (like a tin of tuna) 
*an A5 blank journal with paper at least 200gms
*a tub of white gesso (at least 100ml) 
​*cheap flat school-style paint brushes 
*a roll of baking paper

you will receive a confirmation and welcome email pack within 72 hours. If you do not, please contact ASAP

There is so much in this online learning experience that I doubt anyone would do it all but the entire course will be yours to keep forever! 
Learn the foundations to draw any flower. 
Watch me carefully demonstrate mixed media techniques and then jump in and create your own with provided templates and guides. 
Ever wanted to try watercolour? I share a beginners guide to starting out with watercolour pencils, pans or tubes. 
We will create divine mandalas from flowers and then photograph, draw and paint them. 
Block printing these days is becoming very popular. I've created three best-selling Flower Oracle decks with technique and I'll show you all my tips and secrets. 
I'll show you how to make gift wraps, fabrics and pendants while we explore the Language of Flowers and bring to life their meanings in creative pieces to love, gift, share and treasure. 
Bookings are now open and I will limit the number of students to ensure you have my full attention throughout. 
The course (all the videos, notes, templates, worksheets, audios) are yours to keep forever and you do not have to be online at certain times, nor do you need to start or finish on particular dates but you do need to book now as I am not offering this course again until the end of 2018/early 2019 due to my writing and art publishing commitments. 
I'd love you to join me for this video rich, highly interactive creative experience and if you have anything you would to ask me, just send me a message at:
bunches of happiness, 

sample week:
​Flower Collage Collection

This week we will warm up our art hearts by exploring collage.
Designer Insider
 simple steps to ensure your artwork won't look like a shedder bin mess
Art Journal Exploration Time
​ you will learn and then practice four fascinating, easy techniques
​Oracle or Greeting Card Set 
you will create a set of beautiful flower cards celebrating the seasons
Inspiration and Healing Artworks
 you will create two heart healing and soul supporting artworks to hang on your wall to whatever size you desire. One will incorporate flowers, plants, colours, textures and designs to express and share the energies of 'Inspiration', the other of 'Healing'. 
Collage and Drawing 
​ last week we learned how to draw simple flowers. This week we will combine our drawings with collage to create intricate expressions of the language of Flowers.