The Language of Flowers Oracle ~ 
Such a powerful lesson from Jade Vine. Native to the rainforests of the Philippines, this plant has evolved to look like the folded wings of a butterfly at rest which enables it to be pollinated by bats. 
If you feel drawn to this flower today it could mean you need to look at new ways in which you can communicate. It also speaks of a change in the way your current daily life looks so travel, a change of environment or position may be forthcoming. 
The challenge that Jade Vine presents is in the clarity of information being heard. Misinterpretations are a common theme as
areloss of files, misplacement of paperwork and disruption of communication devices. 

Gardening Notes
A tropical plant which
lovesfull sun on it's leaves but a shaded root area. Really only suitable for Northern friends here in Australia and tropical areas elsewhere. Like most tropical plants it will require a lot of feeding and to be kept moist. You will need a lot of care with position and will need to grow against a support of some kind. 

'Jade Vine, Taal Volcano, Philippines'
lino print painted in gouache 
Cheralyn Darcey 2015
from The Flower Reading Cards Deck
Rockpool Publishing

Will Assist by ~ 
Jade Vine assists those struggling with being heard, who are looking for resolution in situations and may wish to either join or create new groups and communities. An excellent flower in the aid of healing work in general as it opens up pathways that may be unfamiliar.