A Magickal Apprenticeship 

 Talisman Jewellery

Do you wish to create Talismans and wearable empowered magickal tools? 
Created and aligned with your energy and with a deeper and greater understanding of magickal symbology and power, these wearable art pieces will offer protection, inspiration and guidance.

2018 Online Courses with Cheralyn 

Florasphere Certified Flower Reader

Now in it's successful 5th year,
​Create & Publish Your Deck provides extensive insider information and full support with all forms of publishing, creation, printing and marketing of tarot, oracle and affirmation decks. 
Now with full Kickstarter Guide.

Flower Hart
​mixed media flowers

Become a Flower Reader and Learn to
Read the true Language
​of Flowers & Plants
​for Guidance, Healing & Inspiration. 

​Create a practice or add to your 
​existing healing & divination modality 

Create & Publish Your Deck