Will Assist You In ~ 
Finding the assistance you need in various forms. This could be via physical help, education or opportunity, Bower of Beauty, also known as simply '
Pandorea', helps those wishing to rebuild trust, find new directions (especially after a break in trust or suffering difficulty) and generally supports those seeking an improvement in a situation. If you are finding flexibility of others to be a problems? Then focus on Pandorea!

Language of Flowers Oracle ~ 
Bower of Beauty signals a change in home, so 
those house~hunting may be in for good news soon if this flower connects with them. It also indicates holidays, travel and finding yourself in any new environment (place of work changes as well). 
New directions and opportunities are on their way as well as a marked improvement in a situation which 
may of seemed rather hopeless or lost. 
The challenges of Bower of Beauty is 
inflexibly and inhibition. You need to be open to views, advice and even situations which may at first not seem viable. The Bower of Beauty can hide treasures which slowly reveal over time so don't be quick to dismiss anything at face value.

Gardening Notes ~ 
In Australia, do you want to look after our Native Bees? Plant this!!! I have planted 8 of these delights in my garden over the last year for just this purpose. It is a very underrated Australian native which is a very quick grower, proves 
the most gorgeous green cover year long and rewards you with, while not very fragrant of flowers, at least long lasting, divine and native insect and animal supporting ones!
Plant in full to semi~sun, in 
well draining
 soil but be aware of its situation as roots can be detrimental to underground pipes. Don't over~water but be mindful during hotter summer moths. They don;fair well in frost or very windy conditions.

photo by Cheralyn Darcey